Use These Top 7 Tools and Strategies To Estimate the Traffic Of Your Competitors’ Website

Admit it.

You are a little worried about the growing competition in your niche.

You’re skeptical about your blog performance.

And you’re curious to know how much other websites in your niche are generating traffic just to have the competitive analysis.

Fortunately, there is few tools and services present which can reveal the traffic estimation of any website which will help you in a better understanding of the popularity of a website.

And if you’re not spying your competition, here are the why you should.

Traffic Estimator Tools

Why should you Spy on your Competitor’s Websites Traffic?

Because it will help you in building the strategies for your own website.

Because it will make you proactive about the competition you’re receiving.

Because it will guide you to work on the right areas for your own website.

Enough Talk Now. Let’s get started with the Best Traffic Estimators Tools which you can use to have the traffic estimation of any website.

Top 7 Traffic Estimator Tools

#1 SEMRush:

SEMRush is one of the best tools to estimate the traffic of any website. Simply, enter the website’s URL and you will get all the information of search traffic the website is receiving

Using this tool you’ll get to know about the volume of keywords that the site is positioned for and how much traffic each keyword is driving. Have a look here, how to check the main organic keywords, main organic competitors and competitive positioning map.

You can also check the data country wise and you can easily have the competitive analysis by comparing it with any other website as well. Using this tool, you can have the traffic graph of the site over the years.

#2 Alexa:

Owned by Amazon, Alexa allows you to check the website ranking which is based on the page views of that website. This ranking is based on the traffic of the website over a period of time. This tool also displays the bounce rate, and visit duration. Have a look:

You also check the top traffic driving countries using this tool. Copyblogger is getting 30% traffic from India, have a look.

The amount of traffic shown by the Alexa is not the exact traffic figures, but it is relative to the traffic of all other sites monitored by the websites.

#3 Compete:

If you wish to know about the traffic any website is getting specifically from the US, then you should try Compete tool.

This tool helps you to have the estimation of US traffic of any website on the web. The premium version of this plugin allows you to check the Page Views, Demographics, Bounce Rate, Average Duration etc.

#4 SimilarWeb:

This is one of the most popular web traffic estimator tool. Using this tool, you can download the complete traffic report including the site’s traffic over a period of time, the countries which help in bringing the traffic and search keywords.

You can use the SimilarWeb extension for your browsers that helps you to estimate the traffic of every website you browse.

#5 QuantCast:

Using this tool, you can have the estimation of web traffic during the given time period from a desktop or mobile phones. You could also know the matrices like audience demographics, interests, languages etc. But according to Moz, QuantCast only covers 13.99% of the data.

#6 Rank2Traffic:

This tool displays the graph of the total traffic and Alexa rank for the website. Rank2Traffic is especially used to check the Alexa rank history of any website because it keeps the history of any website for 7 years.

#7 Google Trends:

Google trends helps you to get an idea of the most trending things on the google search engine over a period of time. Just enter the keyword in the search bar, then it will display the traffic trends over the years.

You can compare the trends between the two websites as well and it will give you estimate about the overall traffic trend in various countries.

Few Lesser-Known Strategies To Estimate Traffic of a Site

Use Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo helps you to check the total number of social share any URL has, this will give you an idea of the topic on which you should work on. Moreover, you can use this tool to determine the popularity of as site.

Analyze the Total Comment Counts:

By analyzing the number of comments each post has and the total number of comments a website has, can give you the rough idea about the traffic of that website.
Immediately after you comment, you will be redirected to the page where your comment will show up. If you analyze the URL, you’ll see the total number of comments that this particular website got till now.

Check Domain Authority:

Domain Authority is the metric given by Moz, which is used to determine the search traffic a website is getting. If any website has high D.A, it will give you an idea of an average search traffic.

Analyze the “Advertise Here” Page:

Many Popular website usually has the Advertise Here page where they have mentioned the particular range of traffic their website is generating in order to attract the advertisers for their website.
This is also one of the lesser known tricks to estimate traffic of as site.You can search the where you mentioning the monthly unique searches is mandatory.

Over To You

You cannot have the accurate traffic figures of any website, but you clearly can have the estimate idea of the traffic any site is getting.
I would suggest you not to completely rely on these stats, as they always give you the rough idea about the website’s traffic but they are good to compare yourself against others using these strategies and tools.

Which tool do you use often to have an estimation of website traffic?