The Definitive Guide to Get Google Site Links For Your Website

Every Internet Marketer/ Blogger always craves for more ways to get maximum visibility for their website.

What if I tell you that Google Site Links gives you that opportunity to show the maximum links of your website on the search engine results?

Whenever you search some specific website on google search, have you ever noticed a site-specific box that appears under some search results?

Google’s algorithm automatically reflect that search box, along with the most popular pages of the specific website.

Let us first understand the actual meaning of Google Sitelinks.

Google SiteLinks

What are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks, basically a search listing format, that are reflected on the google search engine which shows some important internal pages along with the main page of the website.

The main idea behind using this is to help users navigate through the most popular pages and posts that are reflected on the google sitelinks.

The maximum number of links displayed by Google is 6. Here is the simple structure of Google Sitelinks:

Google uses it’s algorithm to determine if any website has sufficient information present in it to show the sitelinks or not. However, it only shows sitelinks when they think it will be useful to the users.

There is no hard and fast rule that google will only reflect your pages or posts. They can show up almost anything including searches, categories, and tags as well.

Google’s algorithm itself chooses the links which should be reflected and which shouldn’t. Please note that it only displays your Sitelinks if it thinks if few of your pages are useful to the search users. That means only the most popular pages(that are frequently linked to or visited by most users) will be get displayed.

As you know that one of the best and awesome way to generate website traffic is through the search engines that eventually helps you to build a profitable online business.

And you always look for more opportunities to improve the SEO of your website, in order to get more organic search traffic. Therefore, building Google Sitelinks for your website is the simplest way to increase the visits of your webpages through search engines.

Let us know more about Sitelinks.

How Google Sitelinks are Generated?

Google Sitelinks are generated by the google’s algorithm and they are always placed (if allotted) below our website listing in search result pages of google.

Basically, they are generated to allows users to understand better about the website as they highlight the important pages of that website. You can also say that the Google Sitelinks act as the navigators for the users.

They are randomly chosen by the Google’s algorithm, which pages from your website will be displayed in the Sitelinks by google and we don’t have any control over it.

Why are Sitelinks so important?

It’s pretty obvious that Sitelinks are important as it gives exposure to the links of your website. But there are many other factors which help to determine the significance of Sitelinks.

1. Sitelinks builds more trust and authority.

If your website’s links are listed in the search results, that means google trusts you, that’s why they had allotted your website with the Sitelinks.

Similarly, if we see from the user perspective, users could easily figure out that the type of quality and authority that website must be having.

So, Sitelinks somehow helps you to build more trust and authority that would help you in the long run.

2. They Increase CTR by 64%

Sitelinks has the great impact on Click Through Rate, whenever a user have more options/links to enter any website, you can expect high CTR.

So, by showing Sitelinks, you will experience a huge increment on the click through rate of your website. In the case study given by PPCHero, they have experienced an increase in the Sitelinks from 1.16% to 1.9% which is nearly 64%.

3. They Increase your brand awareness.

When your inner web pages are showing up in the google search results, it automatically increases your brand awareness.

Your web pages are getting more exposure in front of visitors and have good chances of clicking on your links to go to your website. So, getting Sitelinks are the best practises to improve your overall brand awareness.

4. It allows visitors to Crawl deeper content.

Sitelinks reflects the most popular and visited pages of your blog that allows visitors to crawl deeper content of your website.

This gives the users more choices of visiting your website that eventually leads to low bounce rate and improved SEO of your website.

5. Sitelinks makes you Google’s Favourite.

Google search engine feels that your is important enough and it’s Sitelinks should be shown in the SERP. Getting Sitelinks from google means that your website is performing well and is favourite in the eyes of google.

That is why Sitelinks are the simple way to increase the familiarity of your content in front of google and visitors as well.

Please Note that there are no fixed steps following which you’ll get Google Sitelinks. However, you can follow the below mentioned steps will definitely increase your chances to get Google Sitelinks.
How to Get Google Sitelinks for Your Website

1. Have a Unique Brand Name

Search engines always try to improve the results for the users search queries. They always look to filter the results so that they could reflect the relevant answers in the result pages.

Therefore, to increase the relevancy for your blog, you should always have a unique brand name. Let us take my blog name “Property Investment Spain”.

It’s a unique name and whenever anybody will search this name on the search engine, google immediately will come up with the Sitelinks corresponding to our brand name.

So if you are planning to launch a new website, try to find a very unique and attractive name. This would definitely help you not only to get Sitelinks but also increase your brand awareness.

Try to avoid the exact match domains and the domains that is matched with targetted keywords as google won’t grant Sitelinks to the domains with high search keywords unless your website becomes viral.

2. Try to Rank for the Anchor Text of your Brand Name

Try to always make backlinks with the anchor text of your brand name. Try to create more and more authoritative backlinks with different brand terms like,, example,

I’ve done it for Calling Dreams and it is ranking #1 for this search term. You can do the same, all you have to do is to create the backlinks with your brand name.

It is pretty easy to rank for these kinds of search terms as they are unique, has low competition and is comprised of many relevant backlinks.

3. Use Breadcrumbs

According to google developers, Breadcrumbs trails on a page indicate the page’s position in the site hierarchy. This helps search engines navigating your website properly.

Breadcrumbs help you to do that, using this google clearly understand the structure of the pages, categories and posts. Check out the breadcrumbs used in my blog:

When your website’s top web pages such as about us, contact, write for us, archives or any popular posts has proper navigation, this will definitely increase your chances to get google Sitelinks.

As you already know that google loves relevant content and breadcrumbs enhance that process, so use breadcrumbs and get your Sitelinks quickly from Google.

4. Add XML sitemap to Google Webmaster

Do you know that XML sitemaps not only helps in indexing your content but also helps google to find out the important pages of your website.

Google can select your most important pages just by looking at the XML sitmap of your website. So don’t forget to add XML sitemap to google webmaster.

I’ve used SEO Yoast WordPress plugin to add include XML site. Have a look at hierarchy of my blog:

As you can clearly see the most important pages of my blog is reflected here and interestingly, they are the same links which are shown in the google Sitelinks of my blog.

By creating aXML sitemap, you can help google to index your important pages or posts as Sitelinks. So submit your website to Google Master to get your Sitelinks quickly.

5. Interlinking is the Key Here.

You already the tons of importance of internal linkings, but do you know that internal linking increases your chance to get Sitelinks as well.

According to google, the most important page in your website must comprise of highest number of backlinks. So if you wish to include any page in the Sitelinks, try to add more and more internal links to that page.

It helps google to understand that this page is important enough to be included in the Sitelinks. You can improve the internal linking of your website by following the Moz guide to internal linking.

6. Don’t compromise with the Quality.

Quality content has always been the key ranking factor for any website. If you wish to get Sitelinks, you ought to maintain the quality of your website. Make sure, its SEO is good, high-quality backlinks are generated regularly, quality content is published at regular intervals etc.

If your website lack the quality or provide irrelevant content, you won’t get sitelinks. So don’t lose your compromise with the quality. Try to come make your content and website more user and search engine friendly.

7. Sit Tight

Domain age and authority also matters here. Old domains is likely to get Sitelinks more quickly as compared to the newly registered domain. Similarly, the high PA and DA of the domain will eventually have Sitelinks as they are already more relevant in the eyes of google.

So have patience and sit tight. It takes time.

How to Demote a Sitelink?

Sometimes, google list some unwanted webpages in the Sitelinks. There might be a case where you don’t want the user to visit this page(because it’s no longer a relevant page) or you wish to remove that web page from the Sitelinks.

Don’t worry about, just follow the given below instructions to demote a Sitelink.

Login to Google Webmaster Tools.
Click your preferred site.
Go to Search Appearance > Sitelinks.
For the label “For this search result:”, input the url which’s sitelink you want to demote. If you want to demote a sitelink for homepage, leave it blank.
For the label “Demote this sitelink URL:”, input the url that you want to demote or remove from appearing.
Click “Demote” button.
Wait till Google refreshes sitelink.’


You can demote up to 100 URLs.
There are chances that demoted links might appear back in 90 days, keep checking regularly and demote it again if it appears.

How to Get Sitelink Search Box?

Other than Sitelinks, a site-specific search box also appears in the search engine result for the popular websites. They look like:

You can get this kind of site-specific search box for your website too. By following the two steps, it will increase the chances of getting the search box.

1. Install Google Custom Search: Install Google Custom Search for your website. You can read more about it from here.

2. Implement markup: Using, helps you to make your website more structures in the eyes of google and to implement that I would recommend you to use genesis framework for your website.
Over to You

Sitelinks are crucial for your website, as it could help you to boost your conversion rate as implementing this results in getting high CTR(click through rate).

By following all the above-mentioned steps you are likely to get Google Sitelinks for your website early. And adding site-specific search box along with the site links would be a cherry on top. So, don’t ignore this for the sake of high CTR.