Long-Form Sale Email (Facial Cream)

Below is a sample of a long-form email sales campaign for a facial cream

Email marketing campaign

Hi << Test First Name>>,

We’ve discovered an anti-aging ingredient four times greater than vitamin C & D combined.

But before I get into that, I’m Mary. I manage the customer care team here at Smoothify International.

Nice to meet you!

According to my information, you were recently offered the Smoothify Age Defying Night Cream Free Trial but didn’t complete the order.

Is that correct?

Management has authorized me to offer you a free-gift with your 30-day free trial when you sign-up.

Marvelous! But does Smoothify’s Age Defying Night Cream work?

Many women have seen dramatic results from Smoothify’s Age-Defying Night Cream.

Sheila Thompson (AGE: 43):

“I am 43 years old and the results are great! I was beginning to think there were no products that could help me look younger until I tried Restora’s Age Defying Serum”

Jane Ranfield (AGE: 64):

“This products is amazing! I’ve tried other products with some results, but nothing that restores the skin to a degree that Restora has.”

Smoothify’s formula has an advantage over the rest of the market.

It contains CBB-Q10 which has been clinically proven to have powerful healing and anti-aging effects four times greater than vitamin C and D combined.

CBB-Q10 is exclusive to Smoothify products. No other companies can use it because the U.S. Government has the official medical patent.

Luckily, we can.

And you can try it for free, for 30 days.

Dr. Jeffrey Donson, the man behind Smoothify’s products, graduate of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and practitioner at John Hopkins Medicine, has studied the effects of CBB-Q10 for over 40 years to make Smoothify’s products.

But our product isn’t just one great ingredient, but a mix of powerful healing agents:

Refynil – Refines and restores dilated pores.

Yellow Cucumin – Brightens skin and restores discoloration.

Hyaluromic Acid – Replenishes skins natural levels and smoothens skin.

Aloe – All natural aloe purifies, replenishes, and hydrates the skin

Smoothify’s Anti-defying Night Cream penetrates the skin deeply to restore its natural balance.

Within days, your skin will feel more refreshed from the night cream’s powerful hydrating effects.

There is no risk of losing your investment, and the product is easy to use.

Apply the night cream to your skin, go to sleep.

That’s it.

So here’s our free gift: Within the next 24-hours, if you sign-up to our 30-day free trial, we will ship Smoothify’s Age-Defying Night Cream for free.

If you like the product, great! Your skin will change forever.

If you don’t, then you didn’t lose a single cent.

Do you think our product is right for you?

If so, follow the link below to start your free 30 day trial with absolutely no risk:
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I hope to hear of your successes!

Best regards,